I've moved ... plus a teaser

Moving is always a little stressful, so bear with me. I'm still settling in!
I hope this new blog will be easier for you to follow, and I know I'm going to love playing with all the cool widgets and plug-ins.

In order to entice you to follow me to my new home, I'll be starting a new giveaway soon. If my follower count keeps going up, I'll keep adding new books to the giveaway. More chances to win!
In case you're curious, here is a photo of some of the books I have up for grabs. Yeah, it's a little blurry. On purpose. I want to retain a bit of mystery, though I'm sure many of you will recognize these spines.


  1. Woo-hoo! Congrats on the blog move (nice background/layout!) ...spreading the word now. ^_^


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