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My giveaway meant that I discovered a whole bunch of great new blogs. I tried to follow everyone back. If I missed your blog it might mean that you need to update your Google profile. Or it might mean that I just messed up. So if I missed your blog, please tweet its url to me here @JenRyland.

Now that my giveaway prize is mailed out, I'm going to hop around for a bit and see what everyone's up to...

Amanda at Book Love is trying to lobby for Emerson from Hourglass in the Tournament of Heroines over at YA Sisterhood. If you haven't voted for your favorite heroine, get over there!

Arianne is telling me What I Don't Like About Your Blog. As a relatively new blogger, I really appreciate all the feedback and advice that other bloggers have offered. Thanks!

JJ Reads is doing the Sophomore Reading Challenge. Me too! Join us if you haven't signed on. I mean, you were planning to read most of the books already. So why not feel a sense of accomplishment about having completed a challenge? You can find my list here on my Challenges page
The official Goodreads list for the challenge is here


  1. I cannot decided what challenges I want to do. I definitely want to do the weekly challenge of doing the TBR intervention because really I need to address my ever growing TBR pile that is overtaking my office!! (

    But I love the idea of reading new authors and stand alones and sophomore books...oh goodness I just love books. :)

  2. Awww thanx for mentioning my blog!!! Thats so sweet of you! I could definitely use the help... I consider myself a relatively new blogger myself.. and I've noticed it's been a bit harder to get the word out. If your interested in helping me out with spreading the word about Team Emerson totally let me know! I'll include you in my next post! I'd be awesome if I could get a team of tweeters to support her in the tournament! New follower by the way! :)

  3. Oh man, Emerson is up against Katsa from Graceling? I love both books, but I always have a soft spot for the underdog!! I'll do what I can...

  4. Thanks for the link to What I Don't Like About Blogs! It was actually pretty helpful!


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