Win an ARC of SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi is OVER

This is the book everyone seems to be talking about. If you haven't managed to get your hands on a copy, here's your chance.

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13 or older, US only. I'd really appreciate it if you followed the blog! Just click the blue button directly to the right of this post >

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Then fill out the Google Doc below to let me know how many entry chances you earned and how to get in touch with you. I'll close the contest and email the winner around 9 am EST on Wednesday, Nov 23. I'll mail the book out that day if you get back to me by 3 pm EST with a mailing address.

In the book, they eat little cubes of what Juliette calls "fake food." Ugh! I love thinking about (real) food, discussing it, and eating it. Tell me about your favorite dish for family gatherings. It could be your favorite Thanksgiving dish, or just anything that you associate with happy family food memories!


  1. My favorite food to make is mac and cheese! lol It's one of my all times faves and the best comfort food EVER! I know its not a main meal, more of a side dish, but its always a crowd pleaser!

  2. Ah, mac and cheese. How I love it too :)

  3. My favorite food is Chips and Salsa. I have to be careful when I have them in the house because I can seriously eat an entire bag of chips and jar of salsa by myself. Its an addiction. :)

  4. Yay -- Shanan stopped by. I love salty food more than sweet. I can eat an entire bag of potato chips or tortilla chips, no problem...

  5. My favorite Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie. Once, we ran out of round pie dishes just hours before dinner and had to make the pumpkin pie in a square casserole dish. Since then, the square pumpkin pie has become a staple for us!

  6. Well I'm a vegetarian so every Thanksgiving I enjoy a Tofurkey! They are really way better than they sound especially if you cook it right! I also love dessert. Chocolate pie of any kind is fabulous!

  7. @anonymeet Oh, that's such a great story. I love it when families have funny inside traditions like that!

    @Jennifer I I have never had tofurky or turducken. My mom makes the best turkey ever so I am just always trying to live up to that!

  8. Oh my gosh the Google Doc is NOT PINK! :(
    Okay, I'm over it ;)

    Answer: My fave foods are lumpia (egg rolls) and maybe some kind of noodles. I also love DESSERT! if it's sweet AND CHOCOLATE, I love it. But I also love cream cheese filled roll! Yum...

    I really want this book :D
    email: << I typed it completely so you won't get it wrong next time hehe (already planning my acceptance speech!) *cross fingers*

  9. It's pink on my Google Docs homepage, and then when I imbed it in the blog, it's not pink. Tell me how to do the HTML coding and I will fix it :)

    If you win, I will wrap the book in pink paper. How's that?

  10. haha pink wrapper if i win? oh yea, score!

    ok, so tweet me how u embedded the code. coz if u check my "comments contest" on my blog, the doc is PINK :)

  11. And forgot to say... yummy. Egg rolls, spring rolls, dumplings. I am obsessed with all those things too.

  12. Ooh my mom makes this amazing Indian thing that's like deep friend bread...It's a snack but it is SO ADDICTING!! Once you eat one, you will never go back to chips LOL!
    Thanks for the giveaway!! It's perfect timing because my book group is reading this right now and I need to get my hands on a copy! Not-so-subtle pleasing over. :P


  13. Yay Ana -- glad you showed up!
    That fried bread snack sounds delicious. I love breads like naan and papadum. And whatever that green cilantro (?) sauce is that sometimes comes with Indian food -- I could drink that. I need to learn how to make it!!

  14. And thanks for the tip on the Twitter link. Believe it or not, I just learned how to do that yesterday. Maybe everybody knows but me?

  15. My boyfriend's family has a New Year's tradition of prime rib dinner with all these amazing home-made sides. I'm starving now just thinking about it! :)

  16. Sophia just told me I had word verification turned on.
    Guys, I'm so sorry! I feel like I had spinach in my teeth and someone finally told me...


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