I just did the randomizer -- everyone got two chances; thanks so much for tweeting!

The Randomizer picked ... Arianne.

And I said: "Seriously, Randomizer?" Arianne was trying to teach me to make the Google Doc pink and I couldn't figure it out so I told her if she won I would wrap the book up in pink paper. Now I have to find some :)
Congrats, Arianne! I'm going to tweet/email you now.

If you didn't win, I have one more GREAT giveaway before I take a little breather for the holidays. I'm participating in the Black Friday Giveaway. My official announcement can't go up until Friday, but I'll give you 3 clues:

Book is a YA dystopian being published Nov 29.
I'm giving away a finished copy -- it will be mailed Nov 28 by Priority Mail if I get your addy in time. Media Mail has been taking forever, what with the holidays.
Author's last name has two letters.
The book is really good.
Oops, that's four clues...


  1. And here I thought my clues totally gave it away....

  2. eeeeppp!!!! super excited for winning this one!!!!
    haha, my prediction of winning came true!! i should predict more..

    Acceptance Speech: Thank you very much my pink loving people! :) Can't wait to get Shatter Me and devour it when it comes time for me to read it!

  3. Really? Cause I was thinking all that pink stuff must have jinxed you with the Randomizer. I treat the Randomizer with the utmost respect. Every time I mock the Randomizer, it bites me in the butt.

  4. That is very true--the randomizer always kills me when I do not respect it. Congrats Arianne!!


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