YA ARC grab bag -- Round over.


I want to do a round for people who might not be at their computers during the day. This round will start now -- 3 p.m. EST today, November 15 and end tomorrow morning, November 16, at 9 a.m.**

Reminders: US only.
You can enter once by answering the question in comments below AND once for tweeting about the contest. You'll get one entry for each.

I'll make the question easy:
As a reader, which do you prefer: love triangle or one true love?

My answer? Tough call. While I really do appreciate the tension that the love triangle creates ... I'm a romantic at heart. I'm going to vote for true love!

**My dog insists that I be a morning person, so I won't be responding to middle of the night comments. I'll get to them tomorrow -- I promise :)


  1. I don't care which, as long as they're not the main thrust of the plot. I greatly prefer books that have romance as a minor plot line to something greater going on.

  2. The love triangle creates so much excitement and sooner or later the character to choose one true love, right?


  3. Good point! Romantic tension doesn't take the place of action. I like both!

  4. @Jackie
    Okay, you're really making me think (good thing it isn't too late yet.) So you think that one of the people in the love triangle is really just a decoy? I hadn't thought of it that way.

  5. I don't personally have a preference. It has a lot more to do with what the author does with the characters whether I'm ok with the situation. Granted, the love triangle has been a bit overplayed lately.


  6. That's so true, Kitty. About what the author does with the characters.

    OK, I'm friending you guys on Goodreads and peeking at your wish lists and I have stuff from all of them! So excited!

  7. one true love! It isn't real life to be chased by two sexy men!!

  8. Ha ha -- unless you're on reality TV. Which, of course, isn't very real...

  9. I do like a good love triangle now and then, but I think in the long run I prefer the "one true love" type of story. There's just something interesting to me about seeing something invisible yet real develop between two people. And they can work through their own issues and everything together. When there's three people, it's a bit crowded for my liking. If that makes sense!



  10. Deep down, I love a "one true love" -- but at the same time, there's something to be said for a well-written love triangle. It can help move the plot and grow the characters. But they also can get soooo messy...So long as true love wins out, I'm happy. Provided it's with the guy/girl I think it should be ;o) LOL!

    I tweeted! (@RivkaBelle)


  11. I love the love triangles but it always becomes complicated to choose who to like. I keep seeing it too many times in teen books these days. Too many Team Bad Boy or Team Good Boy, or something like that.

    I cast my vote for True Love. From my point of view, I can only love one guy. Like that deep love, where you go giddy just thinking about him. Or the awkwardness when you don't know if you should make the first move. That kind of love.

    Thanks for the giveaway, I retweeted!



  12. I will go with love triangle. I feel like with the "true love" it usually ends up being insta-love and I hate that. No one falls in love that quickly. I'd rather read about two guys the main character might be interested in. That seems more realistic than seeing someone for the first time and deciding you can't live without them. Plus, I get to root for my team :P
    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  13. bummed out! i missed this one :(

  14. I'll do at least a couple more.
    Should I reveal what's left in the bag?


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