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Game open today, November 8 from 10:15 am to 9:00 p.m. EST
The game is a thank you for blog followers -- so please follow!
Sorry, US mailing addresses only. But when I get to 75 followers, I'll hold a game open to US and Canada!

You can enter one of two ways. You 'll get one entry for each.
1. Answer today's question in the comments on this post
2. Tweet your answer to me. Please tweet to @jenryland and include hashtag #yaarcgrabbag

QUESTION: Who is your favorite new YA author of 2011? The author can be a debut author, or an author you've discovered over the past year.

At 9:00 pm I'll close the game, use random.org to pick the winner and post/tweet that person's first name or nickname on the blog. I assume I'll be able to get in touch with the winner through Twitter, their Google profile, and/or Goodreads. I don't like asking people to post their email address in blog comments.

Then we'll all find out which ARC they picked!

This game is new so I may have to tweak it between rounds. Please give me feedback if something isn't working for you!


  1. Leigh Fallon. Carrier of the Mark was stunning! Totally blew me away!


  2. That's on my wish list. The cover is so beautiful!

  3. I really loved The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin. I was so intrigued by what was happening through the whole book.

  4. I just finished Mara Dyer. I have so many questions!!!
    I will not post them here, because even doing that might spoil it for those who haven't read the book yet, but ????????

  5. lol I have that one on my shelf. It's sooo pretty!!! I really need to take the time to read it sooN!

  6. Ally Condie author of Matched. Love it! Cant wait to read Crossed. If I happen to win *fingers crossed* Please contact me by goodreads I will send you a message there with my username here.So I can be sure to see it.Thanks for the contest!

  7. Thanks, bamagirl. I ordered Crossed but it is not here yet! *Goes outside to check mail* Nope, still nothing.

  8. I discovered Richelle Mead over the past year. I was late giving Vampire Academy a chance but so glad I did because it was amazing. I have also read her Georgina Kincaid series and just bought the Dark Swan series to start next.

  9. Ooh, interesting. I'm going to check those other series out!

  10. Aw man, this question is so hard! 2011 is when I discovered pretty much all the author I read now...
    Can I give a list? :D
    -Lisa Desrochers
    -Lisa Kessler
    -Rachel Caine
    -Alyson Noel

    my twitter name is @ariannecruz07 and I will tweet u right now :)

  11. That's okay. You don't have to choose between them! I loved Personal Demons and Original Sin. I've read Morganville and the Immortals. I will go check Lisa Kessler out!

  12. I'm reading Lisa Kessler's book right now "Night Walker".. her twitter name is @ldydisney :) She's uber awesome

  13. Beth Revis and C.C. Hunter are two that stand out in my mind at present but no way could I stop there because I have so many I have introduced myself to this past year like Lesley Livingston and her Wondrous Strange Series! It was Totally Awesome but I just had not gotten to it until recently.

  14. I really love Lauren Oliver.

    She wrote Delirium, which came out early this year, and she has become a dear friend of mine since. Always so inspiring to me with my writing, and such a sweet person! Her writing is absolutely GORGEOUS and if I end up being even HALF the YA author she is...well, let's just say I'll be happy about that! :)

    You can tweet her at @oliverbooks

    and if I win, you can tweet me at @lindsaycwrites


    Awesome contest, and good luck to all!

  15. I loved Delirium too. Can't wait for Pandemonium!

  16. Ooh, that's tough. There was so many great books this year and a ton of awesome authors. My pick goes to....

    Veronica Roth & Divergent!

    I think she's brilliant and an inspiration. Her blog is so interesting to read. Also, Divergent is an amazing book and I loved it. Looking forward to more from her next year. :D

  17. I love all these different answer! Also a huge fan of Divergent. The concept with all different factions was so intriguing...

  18. OK. Entries for this round are closed. Off to randomize!


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