Are You Listening?

I'm back! And exhausted in only the way that walking around a theme park will leave you.
The subject of walking leads me to ... audiobooks. Once I was a book snob. I thought that audiobooks were a lesser form of book, inferior to the printed page. And I'm a super-fast reader, so the thought of listening to someone else read sounded excruciating to me.

Then I got a dog. An adorable dog who needs to be walked twice a day. So I decided to try listening to books while I walked him. Now I'm always on the lookout for good audiobooks to keep me company while I walk and walk and walk. And now I've learned that a good audiobook is simply amazing ... if the narrator is good. If the narrator isn't good, then snobby me was right. Excruciating.

Here are some of my audiobook favorites:

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly*
Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Across the Universe by Beth Revis
Where She Went by Gayle Forman

Are you an audiobook fan? Give me some recommendations!

*Thank you Shanan for recommending this one to me :)


  1. I tried a couple audiobooks...Delirium and Matched and I feel like I don't remember that much about them...I have them on my kindle as well so I will be READING them this time. I think that when I listen I just sort of tune it out and start thinking about other things...wish I liked them though I could listen to it for 30 minutes each way in the car on the way to and from work :)

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with audio books. lol I either love them or hate them. It all depends on the narrator. Which kinda sucks, because even if its an amazing book I may wind up hating it because it had a crappy narrator. So I try not to do too many audio's because it really can mess with your perception of a book. I actually haven't done any YA audio's, and probably won't unless its a book I've already read. My fave audio's tho by far are any of Sophie Kinsella's books on audio. AMAZING!!!

  3. I've never listened to an audiobook before... I can't imagine what it would be like

  4. I agree. I once read a negative book review and the reviewer had listened to the book, not read it. Not entirely fair, because I agree that the way someone reads can set your teeth on edge and ruin the whole book for you.

  5. Ahh I am so glad you liked Revolution!

    In addition to when I am walking, I like to listen to audiobooks when I am working on a project like knitting or crochetting or making friendship bracelets. I feel so productive finishing my scarf while finishing my books. :) I also like it when I am on the train to work because honestly less people try to talk to me when they see the earbuds. And it isn't that I am not friendly--I am but on my way into work I like (or need) the relaxation. When I am reading a book--people do not seem to mind interrupting me to ask a question but with my earbuds they figure I cannot hear them? I know it struck me as weird too. :)

    And I listen to them in the car (when I am in the mood). And I think being in the mood and actively listening is a big part of it. If I feel myself starting to think about other things or starting to drift--then I put my audiobook away because it is not really reading if I am not engaged in it.

    But on a long car trip or something like that, I feel that I stay awake more but am still relaxed with my audiobooks going.


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