I'm On Blog-cation!

I'm on a trip and taking a few days off! I won't be checking in as obsessively -- I mean as often -- as usual.

If you've stopped by, thanks! Have a look around and enter my Kiss of Frost giveaway! Check out that Steal My ARCs page so you can be ready the next time something shows up. Leave a comment because you never know when there'll be a comments contest! I'll read them all when I get back, promise!

By Thursday December 29th, I'll be back to tell you about the great books I read while I was away.


  1. Are u going anywhere specific or just staying home and having a quiet time for yourself? :)

  2. I'm taking a family trip, so no quiet time for myself... But brought lots of books along!

  3. Have a great vacation! You deserve it!


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