Looking Ahead to 2012

I'm excited to be blogging into the New Year.

Here's some things I have planned for 2012:

**I'm going to start a "Books Read in 2012" page, with links to those I've reviewed.

**More trivia! More comments contests! (hint, hint) More great giveaways! More Steal My ARCs!

*I need to update my profile pic to show off my new 2012 ARCs before I give them away. Yay!

**I'll also try to participate more in memes -- I'm going to get organized and remember which memes are on which days.

What are you planning for your reading and/or blogging in 2012?


  1. Sounds like your off to a great and organized start! :) my plans for reading in 2012 are to readas much as possible and read as many books that I have on my kindle as possible so I can buy books and not feel bad that it will probably be a long time before I get to it :)

  2. Btw the 2 Memes that I really like are in my mailbox and waiting on Wednesday!

  3. I'm overwhelmed as it is and the new year hasn't even arrived yet... i'm starting to get stressed out!! =/

  4. Hurray for more giveaways!! :D

    The only weekly meme I do is one I started myself - "NetGalley Recommendations", but if I did any others I'd probably try "Teaser Tuesday". It sounds like fun and I love reading teasers from other people's current reads!:)


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