On Spoilers and Sneak Peeks

I just posted my thoughts about a book that I thought is set to release on January 3. That's what my ARC said. When I double-checked, I learned that the book actually comes out on January 17.

Did I post an early review? It doesn't seem so early to me. Reading Teen recently posted some interesting thoughts about early reviews.

I actually like hearing about books a couple months early. I can put them on my TBR list and look forward to them. If early reviews (or ANY reviews) have a spoiler, I appreciate a heads-up so I can decide whether to read on. Luckily, most bloggers are very considerate.

There was one time I actually looked for spoilers. I read a very popular book this past year and was a little confused by one aspect of the plot. None of the reviews I read mentioned this particular plot point, so I had to resort to Googling "Name of Book + Spoilers." Yep, they were out there.

But this blog is a...



  1. I too like when reviews for a book come out early. That way I know which books to get really excited about.

    I generally try to keep all reviews spoiler free. It's just rude to spoil the book for someone else when all they want to know is if you liked a book or not. But I do have spoilers from book 1 in a review of book 2 it's just too hard to keep them out and still make sense.

  2. Agree with Reading Teen there. It makes to spread out reviews and not post them all on release month and you should be fine anyway, Jen, your review is pretty close to that timeframe :)
    As for spoilers, I think they're okay as long as you clearly mention at the beginning of the review that it has spoilers. Then people who have already read the book can still see what you have to say on particular plot points. I've personally only done one or two spoiler reviews (one that comes to mind is The Secret Circle series that was made into a TV show recently. I thought people were going to see it all on TV soon anyway, so why not?)

  3. @Nicole. Yeah, I agree. It's sorta hard to review book 2 without mentioning book 1. And if you haven't read book 1, why are you reading a review of book 2?

    @anaavu As long as I'm warned, spoilers are fine. I like when bloggers do them in type that fades away until you highlight it. I feel like a kid with my secret decoder pen.

  4. I like reviews before a book comes out even several months early! It makes me excited for the book and I don't feel overloaded by reviews of the book when it comes out


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