Barnes and Noble 50% off YA sale

Use Barnes & Noble coupon code F3Y9V4J for 50% off teen books. Ends Tuesday, January 10, 2012.

Thanks so much to Lena at Addicted to Novels and Erika at Rescue Reads for the heads-up.

What did I buy?

The Statistical Probablity of Love at First Sight AND

Clockwork Angel (since I'm like the only person in the world who hasn't read it yet)

And I spent only $13.50 total. And got free shipping.

Edited: just heard about a second code: M7H9B4J. Going in for more!

Also: Cristina and I realized that they take the 50% off the list price, not the online price. And, yay, it is good on pre-orders, which these codes are usually not.

So you will save, but they're not giving the books away. Like I do...


  1. Aww, it makes me wanna buy.. but i have way too many books i need to get to right now... and can't really afford to spend any more

  2. Thanks for posting this!!! :) It was a HUGE life saver! ALtho it sucks that it's not a truly 50% off sale. Even though the coupon states it applies to hardback bks as well, only paperback are 50% off, not hardbacks. It was a big help tho. Thanks so much for posting it!

  3. LOL I learned that bit of fine print. So I got Clockwork Angel in PB and FIVE other books in HC.

  4. I stayed away from the hardbacks since I'm saving my money for ALA. I am really tempted to pre-order some hardbacks I'm really wanting. But then again...I may get them at ALA. lol Ugh!! Such a predicament!

  5. You are not the last person not to have Clockwork Prince...I still need to get that one :-/


  6. Clockwork Angel IS AMAZING!!! WILL HERONDALE IS MY MAN!! <3 And The Statistical Probablity of Love at First Sight looks so cute!


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