Winner of the Touch of Frost/Kiss of Frost Giveaway!

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway. First, I'm going to congratulate the five people who got all the questions right:

Jen R (no, not me. This Jen R.)

The question that tripped most people up was...

 the last question: which of these was NOT a talking sword?

Saba was the talking sword used by the White Power Ranger.

Lilarcor is a talking sword from Baldur's Gate II, a role-playing video game with which I have no experience. (Thank you, Google.)

Kitt was the correct answer. He was a talking car. Apparently he helped David Hasselhoff fight crime back in the 80s.

Okay, let's get to the winner of the giveaway.
I used the random number generator and it picked: 7

And entrant number 7 is .... Donna. Congratulations!

Donna, I emailed you. Please email back with your address and I'll get the books out to you tomorrow when the post office opens!


  1. bummer i thought i got all the answer correctly haha.. that was hard and fun :) congrats to Donna :)

  2. lol, Hi Jen! :P

    Can't believe that I got all the answers right! I had no idea about the talking sword, but I recognize Kitt! Knight Rider, right? ;)

    Congrats Donna!

  3. Wow I got them all right? lol awesome

  4. Wow girls you are some smart cookies!


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