YA Couples Trivia 7


Final question!

In City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, what was the name of the club where Clary first saw Jace?

a) Sanitorium
b) Equilibrium
c) Delirium
d) Pandemonium

If you need to go back and answer past questions, just scroll back through my posts (or you can click on "Trivia" on the left sidebar. Accepting answers through midnight on Monday, Feb 20.
Your answers count whether they are wrong or right!

Please submit answer here!

On Tuesday, I'll draw the winner of the $10 Amazon OR $10 Barnes and Noble gift card.
I will mail the gift card internationally if the winner can use it.

Don't forget to answer Shanan The Book Addict's questions too! Her blog is here.


  1. Wow, I guess you are getting easy with them now. ;) Lol!

  2. LOL or maybe you have read this one. :)


  3. I apologize to Kelly for having to delete her comment. I forgot to put in the link to the Google Doc where you submit answers!
    I fixed it. And, Kelly, I'm so sorry. I entered your answer for you :)

  4. I think I might have gotten one right! Hehe :-)

    1. Ha ha. Made them a little easier at the end!

  5. I love this trivia game. I'd play it even if you didn't give away a prize:)

  6. Yay, finally! A question I was able to answer easily! :D Lol, this is so fun!

    1. LOL. Was getting comments that the questions were hard.

  7. Replies
    1. Since people have enjoyed it so much, I'll be incorporating more trivia into the blog!

  8. I can't believe I still remember the answer to this question since its been a while since I read this book.


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