YA Couples Trivia Answers

Answers to YA Couples Trivia!

In case you'd like to know the trivia answers, here they are:

Question One:

What was the first thing that Edward said to Bella in the book Twilight?
d) Hello.

Question Two:

In Beautiful Creatures by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia, when Ethan Waite meets Lena Duchannes, he's sure that she is the girl in his dream because she smells like:
b) lemons and rosemary

Question Three:

Name the first thing Katniss eats with Gale in the Hunger Games, and the first meal she eats with Peeta.
a) With Gale: blackberries, bread, goat cheese and basil
With Peeta: carrot soup, salad, lamb and mashed potatoes, cheese, fruit and cake

Question Four:
In Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, the long-awaited kiss between Anna and St. Clair finally takes place:
c) on the grass next to the Grand Bassin
But because the Grand Bassin is located IN the Jardin du Luxembourg, I think you could argue that
a) under a tree at the Jardin du Luxembourg could also be correct
Sorry -- didn't mean to try to trick you :)

Question Five:
The first time Rose sees Dimitri in Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, Dimitri's wearing:
b) a brown duster
A few people said they wished the answer was a) a wet towel and a smirk. Yeah. Me too.

Question Six:
In Delirium by Lauren Oliver, Lena first sees Alex on the day of her Evaluation. He laughs because:
c) a herd of cows stampedes through the evaluation room

Question Seven:
In City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, what was the name of the club where Clary first saw Jace?
d) Pandemonium


  1. Haha I got most of those wrong. So much for being awesome at trivia lol! It was still fun. Congrats Carissa!!

    1. Really? At first I thought I'd check and see if anyone got all of them right, but then my eyes started to cross.
      If anyone thinks they did, tell us!!

  2. Well, I got a few right...not bad :-)

    Congratulations to Carissa!

  3. haha nice comment about Dimitri :D lol too bad his attitude is not like that ;)

  4. Ok I lied--I think I only ended up getting one question right. But at least I had fun. Maybe I should keep more of my books so I can refer back to the details? If only I could build a library! :)


    1. Ha -- you and me both. I just keep giving books away :)

  5. This was so much fun. I know I was terrible at it, but still...

    Congratulations Carissa.

  6. I just saw that you'll be drawing a comment contest winner next week.. Should I even bother since I get so many books from u already? lol I almost feel bad already ;)

  7. Of all the questions, I got five right. Congrats winner!

    1. That could be a record! I think most people missed at least one.

  8. Congrats to the winner and I hope there is more trivia to come this was fun.


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