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I usually do a "Standalone Saturday" post, but I'm taking today off to catch up on my reading.

Hunger Games Trivia and Giveaway started yesterday and runs through March 16.

Answer today's question and get another chance to win my package of Hunger Games swag: a Down With The Capitol journal, a bookmark, a bag clip with charms, and an ARC of the Hunger Games Companion.

Hunger Games Trivia and Giveaway 2

When  Katniss takes care of Peeta after he injures his leg during the Games, he asks her to tell him a story about a "perfect day." What does she tell him?

a) the story of the day she got Prim a goat
b) the story of the day she found Buttercup the cat
c) the story of the day Peeta gave her the bread
d) the story of the day her father taught her to use a bow and arrow

If you want to enter, note the question number (2) and the letter of your answer and enter it  here.

Don't forget that Shanan the Book Addict is also running a Hunger Games Trivia contest. Enter hers here!


  1. You are so awesome with all of your trivia!

  2. I love these trivias. I haven't read this yet - currently reading, so I'll be skipping these since I'm not a huge Hunger Games fan yet, but I'll still be reading along. :)

    1. Thanks -- don't want to spoil your reading :)

  3. Oh I think I know this one...I think I think I think. :)


    1. Ha ha -- crazy day -- got to check your question out!

  4. I think I got this one. I can picture myself reading the books like crazy so I know what's what.

  5. eeep im kind of doubtful with my answer for this one. i'd be so happy to know if i got it correct. i didn't feel like going back to the book to check hehe

  6. I know this one because it's one of my favorite part in the book.


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