Hunger Games Trivia and Giveaway 15

 Hunger Games Giveaway and Trivia!

I'm joining my friend Shanan from BookAddictNet for a two-week countdown to the Hunger Games movie --  and a giveaway!
At the bottom of every post from March 2 to March 16 is a Hunger Games trivia question. For each question you answer (right or wrong) you'll get a chance to win a pack of Hunger Games swag: a cool bag clip with charms, a bookmark, a Down With the Capitol journal in which you can write down your impressions of the film, and an ARC of the Hunger Games Companion.

This is the last question!

Hunger Games Trivia and Giveaway 15

In the very last sentence of the book, Katniss says she dreads this:
a) the moment Peeta's family finds out about his prosthetic leg
b) the repercussions from the Capital about their stunt with the berries
c) having to face Gale
d) letting go of Peeta's hand

Enter your answer here.

Then enter Shanan's giveaway here.


  1. Aww end of the trivia. :( I know you will have more random trivia though.

    1. Everyone loves the trivia, so I'll definitely do more!

  2. hi Jen :)
    ooh, how about trivia on yourself?

  3. The end!! AWWWWWWWW It's become my daily ritual!

  4. Suzanne Collins sure knows how to make a reader beg for more at the end of this book.

  5. I'm thinking with all the movie hype I just hope it lives up to expectations - or surpasses them.


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