Hunger Games Trivia and Giveaway 9


I'm joining my friend Shanan from BookAddictNet for a two-week countdown to the Hunger Games movie --  and a giveaway!

At the bottom of every post from March 2 to March 16 is a Hunger Games trivia question. For each question you answer (right or wrong) you'll get a chance to win this package (see below) of Hunger Games swag: a cool bag clip with charms, a bookmark, a Down With the Capitol journal in which you can write down your impressions of the film, and an ARC of the Hunger Games Companion.


Now here's ...  Hunger Games Trivia Question 9

What is "the Hob" in District 12?

a) the town square
b) the neighborhood where Katniss and her family live
c) a black market set up in an abandoned warehouse
d) the place where past victors of the Hunger Games live

Enter your answer here.

Then enter Shanan's contest here.


  1. Great question! And I feel like I know the answer. :)


  2. I love your trivia questions. I am sticking by my idea of you making a YA book trivia game. ;)

  3. Three of them sound like the right answer...I need to get my book out. :)

  4. I must buy this set of books. I have read them, but I'd love a set to keep & re-read.

    1. Mine are all mismatched. Book one is a paperback I bought in London, so it has the UK cover. Book two is an American hardcover. Book three I got at the midnight launch party. I have a photo of Suzanne Collins reading the first chapter and then she stamped everyone's, so no one is allowed to read that one :)


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