Divergent Trivia Questions and Answers

The winner will be announced in my next post. Here's a recap of all the questions and their answers!

1.  After Tris goes through her aptitude screening, she is told by the tester that she displays equal aptitude for these factions:
b. Abnegation, Dauntless and Erudite

2. Eric tells the group of initiates that they're going to be ranked for two reasons. First, because only the top ten initiates will become Dauntless members. What's the other reason?
a) the ranking determines the order in which initiates pick jobs

3. All the Dauntless initiates are completely amazed that Tris has never eaten:
c) a hamburger

4.  When the initiates first meet Four, Christina tells Tris that he's a jerk. What does Tris say in response?
d) "I guess he doesn't like to be laughed at."

5. During initiation, who does Tris face as her opponent in her very first fight?
a) Peter

6. After Christina gives up in her fight against Molly, Eric punishes her by making her hang over the chasm for:
c) five minutes

7. When Four and Eric take the initiates to play paintball, Tris learns about one of Four's phobias. What is it?
a) heights

8. On visiting day, who comes to see Tris?
d) just her mother

9. After Tris sticks up for Al during the knife throwing lesson, she is forced to stand against a target while Four throws knives at her.  His last throw hits her here:
c) her ear

10. When Tris mother comes to see her during training, she gives Tris this advice:
b) try to stay in the middle of the rankings

11. Tris finally learns the origin of Four's nickname. He's called Four because:
c) he has only four fears in his fear landscape

12. Tris slaps Four
a) because he says she's pathetic after she panics in the fear landscape room

13. After the slapping incident, Four asks Tris to meet him and they jump on a train so they can talk. Four tells Tris that there are two things she should know about him. One: he is deeply suspicious of people in general. What's number two?
c) he is unexpectedly good with computers

14. Tris tells her father that she chose Dauntless because she needed to learn:
a) how to be selfless

15. What does Four say helped him break out of the simulation that almost caused him to shoot Tris?
c) the sound of her voice


  1. I got 2 wrong!! I am ashamed of myself. *sulks off to a corner*

    1. In school, that would be like a B+. Yay!!
      If I hadn't written the questions, I would have failed.

  2. yey i got most of them wrong haha. i need to read this book!

    1. Well, if you never read the book, I am not surprised that you were baffled by my carefully crafted fake answers....

  3. I got a few wrong but not too bad considering I read the book a year ago.

    1. That's really good considering how much you read! Well done!

  4. Replies
    1. LOL -- that's why I made it just for fun!

  5. I got about half of them right, which I'm OK with since I read it only once last summer. Can't wait to read Insurgent!

    1. I think I would have missed most of them if I hadn't written the questions. And listened to the audiobook for review.


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