Freebie Friday 1 Winners

Thanks so much to everyone who participated. I was so excited to meet some new readers. I'm really happy to know that you're out there, even if you don't always comment :)

There were 60 people who commented, and 59 people that I entered in the list randomizer.

(Sorry, Hayley! I promise I'll include Canada next time around!)

So I randomized all the names, and the randomizer chose these two people:

Doodle chose Article 5!
Her book is in the mail!

 Lena chose Ghost Flower! Mailing hers Monday...

If you didn't win, you can still enter Divergent Trivia! Just scroll down for today's question!

I'll do another Freebie Friday very soon. Again, thanks so much.  It wouldn't have been as fun without all of you!


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