Freebie Friday 2 Winner

Thank goodness it's .... Freebie Friday!

Thanks so much to everyone who joined me for Freebie Friday 2!
Thirty eligible people commented -- sorry, Marybelle. I think I will make the next one international just for you!

This time I used the number generator.

Unique commenter number 25 (I didn't count multiple comments by the same person -- which I LOVE BTW-- or my comments back, obviously) is  ..... Tayte!

I'm going to email her right now. I wish I weren't up this early, but here I am.

LOL Tayte is awake this early too... she chose:

Slide by Jill Hathaway!

And the ARCs that a lot of people were interested in will go back in a future Freebie Friday. If only one or two people were interested in an ARC? You never know. They might just get a surprise in the mail!!


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