Freebie Friday 5 Winner

Okay, time to reveal our winner.

Here are my three receipts.  

Barnes and Noble:

And my two other receipts:

The grand total I spent is: $129.09

Ouch. Yes, that's quite a bit more than usual. But I'm set on books for a couple months now. Also, I just sold a bunch of used video games on Ebay. I can't believe how much people will pay for that stuff!

And the winning guess, closest without going over, was Jen C, with a guess of $127.56

Jen C chose Starters by Lyssa Price

Thanks so much for playing this week!


  1. Aren't you going to tell us what you bought?
    I just tried selling a nintendo DS, new, on EBay...didn't sell. I was surprsied because any video games usually do go quickly. Amazon has a really good trade in program, better than gamestop. You can trade dvd's too.

  2. Sure -- I bought a bunch of new May stuff: Insurgent, In Honor, Second Chance Summer, Purity, Bitterblue, Shine, Sweet Evil, Last Rite, The Last Princess, Wentworth Hall

    Too lazy to get up. I think that was it.... might have been one more.

    Yeah, I learned not to trade at the store. But Ebay has worked great for me!

  3. Congrats to Jen C. :)

    I really loved the guessing game this week!

  4. I was close!!! :D I guessed $132.54 lol

  5. You were very close. Actually the very first guess, by Stephanie, was also very close....

  6. Congratulations Jen C.

    I was just over with $132ish.

  7. Congrats, Jen C.!

    I guess my guess wasn't too far off ($112something)! And that's a nice haul there, Jen! I'm excited because the hubs has just told me he's going to drop me off at Half Price Books tomorrow and let me go to town for Mother's Day! Yippeee! I'm excited! ;)

    1. Oh, that's great :) Tell me what you get!!

  8. Seriously... Story. Of. My. Life. We should probably avoid shopping together.

    1. Ha ha -- books are the only thing I love shopping for!!


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