Freebie Friday 6 Winner!

How did I pick the winner? First I take the comments and divide them by 2. This time there were 146 comments, minus two because Jen M and I were talking about rafting. So 144. Divided by two (to take out all my comments in reply) is 72. 

I put everyone's name in a Word doc. I make each name into one word, because that's how I double check that I didn't forget anyone. My word doc should have 72 words .... and it does!

Then I randomize the list and ......

Rachchan, otherwise known as Rachchan2006. 

And, based on her email, I think I have another international winner :)  That's so funny -- I found $10 on the sidewalk Thursday night and thought, "Here is my international postage, just in case."

Okay, we'll see if I'm right when I email her.... and I'll tell you what she picked.

Edited Sunday 7:59 am: Yep, she's international, and she picked...

If you didn't win this time, never fear. We'll have multiple winners next week. I may set it up so you can enter for the books you're interested in and hold separate drawings for each book.


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