Freebie Friday Winner

Who won Freebie Friday?  109 people entered and the randomizer chose:

And the 54th person to leave a comment was ... Gabbi @  BookBreather! Gabbi chose:

The other three books will reappear on a future Freebie Friday!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. My favorite part of Freebie Friday is getting to meet some of my followers who don't have time to comment regularly. 

I loved talking about books with you!  And cabins, fishing, birthdays, cheese and crackers :) 

Next week on Freebie Friday I'll have some great new stuff -- things that didn't get picked in my Debut Author Challenge Hop, which ends on June 13. If you didn't enter, just click the red link right below my blog banner.

And tomorrow I'm doing Part 2 of BEA Confidential!  Hope you'll stop by!


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