Golden Lily Giveaway Trivia Question 3

I love trivia. So I'm teaming up with my blogger buddy Patrick @ The Bookshelves and we are doing a weeklong trivia game AND giving away a brand-new copy of The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead.

Here's how it works:

Every day between June 20 and June 27 each of us will post a new question. My questions are about Bloodlines and Patrick's are about The Golden Lily. For every question you answer (mine or Patrick's) you get a chance to win. Rafflecopter will allow you to answer one of each of our questions each day.

If your answer is wrong, it still counts. This is just for fun! My questions are designed to help you remember Bloodlines in preparation for reading The Golden Lily!

Winner will be drawn and notified on Thursday June 28! Sorry that this giveaway is US only. If you are international, we hope you still enjoy the trivia!

Here's Question 3:
Sydney discovers that students at the Amberwood school have been getting tattoos that give them special powers. Sydney traces the tattoos to a place called:
a)    Evermore
b)   Afterlife
c)    Nevermore
d)   Everafter

Please don't put your answer in comments -- though you are welcome to leave a comment.

Please put your answer in the Rafflecopter by clicking here.

And don't forget to click here to go to Patrick's blog and answer his Golden Lily trivia question too!


  1. Your buddy Patrick has captcha turned on. GAH.

  2. I........ love this. Also. So excited to read these!


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