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Extra! Extra!

Extra! Extra! is my weekend post featuring brand new additions to my TBR pile as well as a summary of what's new on the blog.

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New Books: 

On Thursday, I got this email from the library:

Let's just say I was skeptical, as my library is not very speedy at getting me new releases. 99% of the time, I buy them because I can't wait. But I went over there and…..

…this was indeed waiting for me. So that's what I'm up to this weekend!

That's about all my news. Tell me what's new with you, and leave me a link so I can visit you back!


  1. Your library had Allegiant. Really surprised. I'm waiting for my copy to arrive. I pre-ordered it. Nice.

    My STS

  2. That's so cool-how did they get the copy before it's released? I'm not that big a fan of the series so I'm just waiting but I'm in awe that you got it already and jealous because my library tends to be pretty slow with getting new releases stocked though they are very responsive to my suggestions.

  3. We are still waiting for our copy of Allegiant to arrive at the library. Hope you enjoy!

  4. Yay! That's so exciting that they got it to you so quickly =D My library can also be kind of on the slow side so I also usually have to buy. I hope that Allegiant is as good as the hype.

  5. I cannot see anything except the fact that you have Allegiant. OMG. That is so awesome, hope you enjoy it, Jen! :)

  6. Good job library! lol. That's awesome that they actually had it. I still haven't read Divergent. :(

  7. Preordered it from Amazon. Since I live in Germany it will take some time to arrive..

    SO jealous!

    Happy reading!


  8. OMG. I'd have died if I found that in my Library! Lucky you. So much love and resentment over this book. I'm looking forward to your review, Jen!

  9. WOW! I actually went to see if the bookstore had it early and they didn't. :( I'll end up ordering it so it'll be the end of the week or so before I get it. That's pretty amazing they got it so quickly! Enjoy!

  10. Go you!! I never even heard of a library getting a book like that early!

  11. My jaw. Just dropped. I am like number 13 in my line to get my hands on a copy of that and I'm def. not gonna get it before the release.

    Happy reading, Jen! <33

  12. That is so awesome! Can't wait to read it!!!!!!!! I'm excited to see what you thought of it. I'm actually a little scared to read it for 2 reasons. 1 - I'm afraid it won't live up to the first 2 books or I'll hate the end. And 2 - after I finish it, the series will be over :( But I still plan to read it as soon as I get it! I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to reading your review (after I read the book.)

  13. Damn, that's nice...getting it early. And I know *you* are awesome and won't spoil it like some have already done. Hope we LOVE it! Happy reading!

  14. That is so awesome that your library had it early, and that you were the first one. Excited to hear what you think of it!


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