Freebie Friday: Get Ready for Allegiant

Happy Friday!

Allegiant (Divergent #3) by Veronica Roth comes out on Tuesday, October 22, and I'm pretty excited.

So today's giveaway has a Divergent theme..

My winner (and I'm so sorry that this will be US only!) will receive:

A collector's edition of Insurgent, complete with a bonus "Free Four" scene, faction tattoos, a Q and A with Veronica Roth, instructions on how to throw a Faction party, playlists, and a poster!

An Allegiant tote bag!

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  1. I kind of almost forgot Allegiant was coming out next week! I'm sure I'll see loads of reviews for it right away but I'm not even planning to read it until after Christmas when my sister will get her copy (she's way more into the series than I am.) I hope everybody loves how it ends!

  2. Not entering because I already own multiple copies of this series, but dude, I can't believe it's finally here!!! And I almost forgot! Good thing I pre-ordered months ago. :D

  3. I totally forgot how soon Allegiant was coming out (it seemed like it would take so long that I blocked it out lol) I just pre-ordered last week. I'm ready!

  4. It's so weird that it's on TUESDAY. O.O

  5. Thank you for the great giveaway. I've just started the series because I was waiting for all of the books to come out.

  6. Awesome Allegiant prize pack Jen!! I can't believe it's coming out NEXT WEEK! :)

  7. Nice! So excited for next Thursday when I get to go to the signing and get Allegiant! I should finally read Insurgent. LOL I put it off so I could read them back to back.


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