Freebie Friday: Roomies!

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by Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando
Little, Brown
December 2013

I reviewed this yesterday - you can scroll down and read it. If you like contemporaries, dual POVs, and books about friendship, definitely check this one out.  

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What's your strangest/funniest/most heartwarming roommate story? I've had some … interesting roommates. I had one roommate who never unpacked. She lived out of boxes the entire year we lived together. I had another roommate who -- after we'd lived together for months -- told me he never bothered to use dish soap -- he just rinsed all the dishes and silverware with water and put them away.

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  1. I myself have never had a roommate, although I do have some inside stories about friends who stayed with me for a few weeks. I have a friend, Courtney, she and I threw a party at my place on a weekend. It was a small group of friends but things got out of control. Most of us went swimming in my pool and someone "can't remember who" throw my dog in the pool. Of course then she threw other items in the pool as well....until she crossed the line and tossed all of our purses in the pool. Suffice to say there were a LOT of pissed of party goers that night.

    1. The dog? That's just mean!!! And the purses -- yeah, I hope she got thrown in too.

  2. I have had some strange room mates too, including a girl who used to puke out of the bedroom window onto the open kitchen window below. for months we had dried puke on the window, not to mention her strange fascination with fake blood which we'd find dripped all over the kitchen floor. She also collected her cigarette packets, and super glued them to the kitchen wall in a sort of pyramid steps pattern, and used to make patterns on the ceiling by throwing tea bags at it. very odd!

  3. I had a roommate who always cleaned with straight bleach....but she also emptied out a swiffer wet jet cartridge, and filled it with bleach, which always smelled like some terrible chemical reaction when she mopped. She also wanted our thermostat set at 80, which made my bedroom the warmest of the three bedrooms in the apartment (it felt like a sauna). Pretty tame but it made for a very bad couple of semesters of college until she finally transferred to another apartment in our complex.

    1. Ha -- the problem with roommates is they find out all your weird quirks too….

  4. Ive had some bizarre roomates too. One who used to always eat my food but would always deny it. Shed open, for example, a brand new container of yogurt, take one spoonful, close the lid and say she didnt eat it. Lol. Another who would always fry chicken and french fries..lbut then shed save the oil for MONTHS but leaving it on the stove. If i attenpted to throw it away shed freak out and she would keep reusing the oil bc she said it made better flavor...nothing more unappetizing that a big vat of oil on the stove 24/7 ugh..
    -Dees Reads

  5. I had a roommate in college who was pretty chill-we got along well and roomed together for 2 years...and that, so far, has been my sole experience with having a roommate. I was pretty lucky to be paired with her!


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