Extra! Extra! The End of Spies and Serial Killers

Extra! Extra!
is my weekend post featuring brand new additions to my TBR pile as well as a summary of what's new on the blog.

This weekend I'm linking to Stacking the Shelves @ Tynga's Reviews or to Sunday Post hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. 

For the past two weeks, I've been running a Spies, Alter Egos and Serial Killers theme.

If you missed any of those posts, you can check them out:

A review of a Psychic Soviet Spy Thriller:  Sekret by Lindsay Smith

A post on why authors might use Alter Egos when writing....

A rundown on YA serial killer books of the past decade.

A Compare and Contrast review of Dear Killer and Killer Instinct

A Trending Thursday post on Serial Killers in Popular Culture


In keeping with my theme, I'm giving away Winner's Choice of three spy/serial killer books for Freebie Friday!

Check out this week's new releases and enter the  March Hot Off the Presses giveaway! Link up your March YA reviews and enter to win a new release of your choice!


Nothing -- and that's okay with me.  I'm focused on reading all my books right now.

What's new with you? Let me know in comments and leave me a link so I can visit you back!


  1. ha ha! I know what you mean! My review pile is going to crush me if it gets any bigger!

  2. Even though it's exciting to get new books, sometimes you just have to step back and try to make a dent in the ole TBR pile. Have a good weekend and read, read, read! :)

  3. Good for you sticking to the books that you have and need to read! I have such a hard time not picking up a new, interesting book.

  4. I have no idea how I missed all these post. I just went through them and they are all amazing. I've been fascinated by this phenomena ever since I have heard of Jack the Ripper for the first time. Then I became Criminal Minds addict. Needless to say weeks without new books are sometimes really good. Great post, Jen :)

  5. I need a week where I get no books. My TBR has gotten pretty big lately! That is so cool that you had a theme for the last few weeks. I need to check out those posts now. :)

  6. I plan on not buying any new books in the next month, but I don't know how that will work out:)

  7. You had a busy week, Jen!:) reat job with all serial killers posts.

  8. Loving all the post you are putting out!


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