Hot Off the Presses: New YA Releasing July 1-7

Hot Off the Presses -- brand new YA releases!

Welcome to Hot Off the Presses!  

Tuesday is book release day, so every Tuesday I tell you about all the great new YA books you can grab in the week to come. If you're a reviewer, you can also link your blog or Goodreads reviews of any YA book publishing in the current month so we can all check them out!

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Hot Off the Presses aims to include every traditionally published YA. You are also welcome to link your reviews of YA books that were self-pubbed this month. Some titles may have different release dates outside the US.

pic name Sinner Reckoning
On the Fence by Kasie West (Harper)
Sinner (Wolves of Mercy Falls 3.5) by Maggie Stiefvater (Scholastic)
Reckoning (Silver Blackthorn #1) by Kerry Wilkinson (St Martin's)

Latitude Zero Dream Boy Conversion
Latitude Zero by Diana Renn (Viking)
Dream Boy by Mary Crockett and Madelyn Rosenberg (Sourcebooks)
Conversion by Katherine Howe (Putnam)

Perfected Vanishing Season Vast and Brutal Sea
Perfected by Kate Jarvik Birch (Entangled)
The Vanishing Season by Jodi Lynn Anderson (Harper)
The Vast and Brutal Sea (Vicious Deep #3) by Zoraida Cordova (Sourcebooks)

Find Me Where the Water Ends Wildflower The Dare
Find Me Where the Water Ends (So Close to You #3) by Rachel Carter
Wildflower by Alecia Whitaker (Poppy)
The Dare by Hannah Jayne (Sourcebooks)
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  1. I'm so excited about some of these! I think my most anticipated one might be The Vanishing Season.

  2. Excited! I liked Perfected. It was a good one :)

  3. I LOVED On The Fence. Such a perfect cute summer read. Looking forward to Sinner but will buy my copy later at the signing she is having here. Dream Boy and Perfected sound intriguing. I read So Close to You and have been wanting to read the sequel but my library never got it so I've just been waiting hoping they would. Will have to check again.

  4. I haven't yet gotten around to reading On the Fence but I love Kasie West and have high hopes for it! :D

  5. Yay for On The Fence and The Dare! Looking forward to some of these releases :)

  6. I need to order a copy of Conversion by Katherine Howe! It looks amazing!

  7. On the Fence is going to be my first Kasie West. I'm looking forward to it. I also really want to read Sinner.

  8. Really want to read On the Fence:)

  9. Love in when new books hit the shelves

  10. I have Shiver, Linger and Forever on my Kindle and I really should start with this series since I've been hearing great things about it. And I love the covers! Especially Sinner, it's gorgeous! :) Thanks for sharing these new releases Jen! I have loads new books to check out now!


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