Freebie Friday: Belzhar

Happy Friday!  

Since I'm participating into #FallIntoBelzhar, I decided to make that the focus of Freebie Friday, and I'll run this giveaway until September 15.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting pages from my red Belzhar journal:

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We're encouraged to use the journal for anything we want, but you know how I love trivia and games, so most of my pages have to do with guessing the correct book (from my clue) in the following categories:

Favorite Boarding School Books

Inspirational Teachers

Magical Realism

Top Secret Notebooks

Over the next couple weeks, you can search #yartrivia on Instagram to find my posts. (That stands for YA Romantics Trivia. I wanted to use #JenTrivia but that's used for Jennifer Lawrence trivia -- huh!) 

Every comment, like, re-blog on tumbr, or retweet on Twitter will count as an entry.

What can you win?

If you are a US resident, you can win this prize pack:

ARC of Belzhar  AND
Cool Gallagher Academy notebook that is brand-new and that I have NOT written in and which might or might not be magical. You'll have to let me know...

Do not despair if you live outside the US, because you can still win this paperback of Belzhar, which will be shipped when the international paperback edition releases on October 9. US residents can also choose this option, but they will have to wait an extra few weeks to read the book...

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  1. *sobs* I can't enter since I'm not on tumblr or Instagram :-( very curious about this book and happy you liked it!

    1. Oh, you are the sweetest for adding the twitter option. THANK YOU <3

  2. Ok I'm not sure if your tumblr post also counts, it doesn't matter either way because my guess is VA! If I'm wrong, no biggie, and I don't think it counts but if it does...w00t lol

  3. I think your trivia questions are awesome!


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