A lot of us who've been blogging for years groan at the idea of tag posts, but I think the TBR Tag is actually kind of fun. Sabrina @ I Heart YA Fiction is the one who tagged me, and this tag was created by  Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books and Dana @ Dana Square. It's a fun way to get a peek at other readers' TBR piles and what exactly is on them!

Here goes... get ready for a peek into my crazy...

How Do You Keep Track of Your TBR?
So believe it or not, I have multiple TBR piles. First, my review pile, which is actually a running list, complete with coffee stains:

It's a word document listing all my review books in order of publication. Italics are for physical ARCs and regular text means it's an e-book on my kindle. If I need to post my review on Edelweiss or Netgalley, I put that in yellow to remind me. I cross the book out when I've read it and delete it from the list after I've reviewed it. When the list gets too messy (like now!) I reprint it. 

Then, there is my Kindle TBR. It looks like this:

Making these Kindle folders has been SO helpful to me. When I download a review copy, I put it into the folder and then after I've read an e-ARC, I move it into the Netgalley/Edelweiss folder. At a glance I can see what e-books I need to review each month. It really helps keep me sane.

Then there's my Goodreads TBR, which is more spontaneous -- when I see something that might interest me, I put it on the list. I may never read all these. Not even sure what's on there. Whatever!

Finally, there is the black hole. I'm kidding. Kind of. It is dark down there... This is a shelf under my night stand where I stack books that I intend to get to. As soon as I can. Someday. Maybe? 

Is my TBR mostly print or e-book?
Hmmm. Interesting question and the answer varies. Right now my review list is 28 e-books and 19 physical ARCs. The black hole is all physical copies. I have two non-review TBR e-books on my Kindle right now.

How do I determine which book to read next?
I read review books pretty much in order. I feel that if I request a review book, I'm obligated to at least give it a try in a timely fashion. I do regularly squeeze in non-review books just for fun.

What book has been on my TBR the longest?
There are some non-YA books I've been meaning to read forever: Villette by Charlotte Bronte. The Shipping News by E. Annie Proulx. The book that has been in the Black Hole the longest might by Tiger Lily by Jodi Lyn Anderson.  But whatever the opposite of a hoarder is, that's me. Every year I clean out the Black Hole and donate a bunch of the books in there.

A book I've recently added?
Mr. Kiss and Tell by Rob Thomas, the second Veronica Mars book. But I'm doing that on audio!

A book on my TBR because of the cover?

The Secrets We Keep by Trisha Leaver. If you read my post on YA head covers, you will know why...

A book you never plan on reading?
I'm pretty open-minded. I don't have a never-will-I-ever shelf on Goodreads, though an author who is publicly rude to reviewers or fans will get pushed waaay to the bottom of my pile.

Unpublished books on the TBR?
Tons. I just set up my 2015 shelves on Goodreads. And I have 2016 too :)

Book on my TBR that everyone recommends?
Hmm. If everyone is recommending something I usually read it right away. But I still haven't read Tiger Lily by Jodi Lyn Anderson. And my friend Steph @ The Fake Steph Dot Com has been nagging me forever to read the Secret Society Girl books. 

Number of Books on my TBR:
422 on Goodreads + 47 review books + about 25 in the black hole. Totally do-able!

I'm tagging my friend Lauren @ Love is Not a Triangle because I think she'll find this fun and also Steph @ The Fake Steph Dot Com because she's always adding to my TBR. 


  1. I hope you do read Tiger Lily, it is an amazing and heartbreaking read.

  2. I never thought of organizing my kindle before. That thing is a hot mess. Although, I don't have any 2016's in my corner. That is insane that there are already ARC's for books out that far.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

    1. It helps me a lot! And no, I don't have any 2016 ARCs yet -- either physcial or e-books. But I do keep a 2016 TBR...

  3. Wow, you are so organized!! I could learn a thing or two from you about organization ;) I LOVE the cover of "The Secrets We Keep." It sounds so creepy and cool! It's great that you're able to squeeze in non-ARCs in your reading time. That's a skill I must master along with resisting the urge to click "request."

    Rachel @A Perfection Called Books

    1. I just feel that I need some balance from all the YA...

  4. I really love your idea of organizing on your kindle based on publish date. I have a "to review" folder on Mine, but it's too long and I need to go in there and check what I've already read. I'm finding keeping track on a list on paper also helps month to month, which I did for Sept and it was way easier!
    You're so lucky to have a doable amount of books to read that aren't review books...I have almost two booksejvlfes full and it makes me sad to think I can't ever get to them lol
    Diamond @ Dees Reads

    1. Those folders help me so much. Even with them, sometimes I can't find a book!

  5. Wow, even up to 2016?! That's cool! I mean, I have all of Sarah J Maas' Throne of Glass series added, so technically I probably have up till 2017. XD But they don't have dates or covers...or, you know, titles. lol And you seem very organised! I read by release date (or due date back to the library) but I don't have any lists. I think I should invest though, because I get befuddled awfully easily.

    1. I'm sure other bloggers have longer 2016 TBRs than I do. I don't think I have any 2017 books on my list .... yet.

  6. Wow niiice! Your kindle looks so organised, and then you have mine and it's just all the ebooks scattered everywhere lol. I love the cover for The Secrets We Keep as well!

    Great post, Jen! <33

  7. Yes Tiger Lily! I second that recommend! You really should read it as it's an amazing book. I totally forgot that I can do that on my Kindle! Gosh you're my savior. I'll have to organize things there now. Great post, Jen :)

  8. Wow, Jen. I didn't know you can organize your books into folders on a Kindle! I need to investigate this further.

  9. I have a sticky note on my computer with my TBR pile list for reviewing. I have a To Read, Write Review, Scheduled list and a note if I need to cross post (like Netgalley) or email a publisher with link. That's about it. Too much more and I would freak out.

    My shelves have my review/BEA books by release date so I have an idea of what to pick up first.

    My Kindle app didn't allow folders until recently so I'm working on organizing that but the sticky notes pretty much cover those books anyway.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  10. I keep track of my tbr oin my google spreadsheet. I pick what books I want to read, then cross the off as "read" Also goodreads helps me keep track as well.

  11. So weird....I have quite a few friends who use a Word document to keep track of review titles. As you well know, I prefer Excel for this, but to each their own. :P I didn't know you could organize books into folders on a Kindle. I am totally going to work on this over the weekend. That's kind of amazing in itself. How did I not know about that feature? Also, I REALLY need to clean up my To Read shelf on Goodreads...that thing is out of control!

  12. Can you tell I'm playing catch-up on your posts? ;) September was so crazy for me! So, I've always though you were super organized, but you really are!! I love the month folders on your Kindle. I think I will implement that. Mine seem to get lost all in one big NG or Edelweiss folder and that would help. I did start putting month folders on GR and that has helped tremendously. I still have way too many books to review though. I need to do better with that. :)


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