Dress Like a YA Character for Halloween Part III

Yay -- Halloween is tomorrow :)  Stop back then for my stop on the Dystopian Giveaway Hop!

Every year for the past two years, I've offered up last-minute, scrounge-around-the-house plans for how to dress as a YA Character.

If you are scrambling for a last-minute costume, check out my ideas from the last two years:

Tris from Divergent (Katherine Tegen)

Dressing like Tris is easy: dress all in black, and put some faux bird tattoos on your collarbone. Done.

Photo from http://thedivergenttrilogy.com

Just don't tell anyone how the trilogy ends!

Part I of the Mockingjay movie comes out in November, so what better time to dress as:

Katniss from Catching Fire (Scholastic)

Option one: girl on fire jumpsuit. Dress in black fitted clothing and use fabric paint to make it look glowing orange and red.

Option two: wedding dress. Head to the thrift shop or borrow an old wedding gown or white prom dress from a friend. Pile on the pearls. If you're really ambitious, you can make the white gown breakaway like in the book and have a slinky black one underneath….

Did you see the dress from the movie?

My 2012 Ideas:

Sydney Sage from the Bloodlines series (Razorbill)

The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead

1. Throw on khaki pants or skirt with a plain white blouse. Sydney's known for being an understated dresser.
2. Use gold face paint and a brush...

...to paint this design on your cheek:

Golden lily tattoo
Tattoo pattern from VA Wikia

Then carry a can of Diet Coke or a Starbucks cup around. Done!  Optional but highly recommended: blond wig and a hot, dark-haired guy with green eyes to follow you around and make snarky comments.

Anna from Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake (Tor)

Find a long white (or light colored) dress that you don't mind splattering with red paint or fake blood 

Use purple eyeliner to make "purply veins" all over your face, neck and arms. Then put on some black lipstick. 

Buy fake blood to splatter the dress with or make your own here with corn syrup, food coloring, and chocolate syrup. Yum!

Don't forget those crazy eyes!

Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (Little, Brown BYR)

Buy a blue wig or use temporary blue hair paint. Once your hair's all blue, you can twist it up and stick a paintbrush into it. Or make a braid. 

Tie a wishbone on a cord around your neck. Eat the chicken first, or make your own wishbone out of Model Magic.

Make yourself some hamsa tattoos. You can find a temporary tattoo tutorial here.

Carry around a sketchpad and pencil. You can also tote around a little bag of teeth. Raid your kids' tooth fairy pillow, or get out that Model Magic!

Sexy Steampunk from the Infernal Devices series:

Dress in Victorian-inspired clothing -- think high heeled lace-up boots paired with a black skirt, plus a corset or a lacy blouse or cami. Don't sweat the outfit, because we'll dazzle them with gadgetry!

Raid your junk drawer, craft drawer, jewelry box, toolbox, and garage. (Or just hit the hardware store.) Here's what you're looking for: gears, washers, brooches and pins -- any old costume jewelry you can take apart, fake gems, metallic buttons -- any interesting little bits of shiny stuff. Think like a magpie!

Superglue all your finds into a fabulous necklace and spray the whole thing with gold or silver spray paint.  You'll get something like this:

Or this:

There are some great tutorials at BeadingGem.com, which is where I got the photo above.

Warning: it is entirely possible that people won't "get" who you're dressed as.  Just see it as a chance to talk up your favorite book.

Have fun, don't take candy from strangers and don't forget to email me a picture!


  1. I wouldn't be able to decide between Anna or TID. Both are my favorites. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this!! I love the idea of Anna Dressed in Blood lol. I'd also love to be Sydney just to have the optional ;)

  3. I've always loved the Steampunk look, that would be my choice!

  4. I love that necklace, it's beautiful!

    I would be Karou just to wear a blue wig!

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

  5. I would love to be Tris, or a Dauntless in general. Most people won't get what you're dressed as, no, but say you encounter a fellow book lover and they're excited that you're dressed as a literary character. BOOM, instant friends :D

  6. Okay that clockwork necklace is SO cool! I love Katniss' hunting outfit from the beginning of Catching Fire though. XD I would totally wear that...probably not the dress. Unless it really turned into black feathered mockingjay when I turned, because, I won't lie, THAT WOULD BE AMAZING.

  7. They're all really great ideas! Katniss' wedding dress is beautiful! The last two years my little brother has gone as Peeta and Finnick! I used eyeshadow to make his face look bruised, mussed up his hair and he was good to go! There's nothing better than dressing up as a YA character!


  8. These are great ideas! I didn't know how easy it would be to go as Tris. I have plenty of black in my wardrobe, since it's one of my favorite colors to wear.

  9. Ooh, great ideas Jen! My friend was Katniss one year, she had a bow and arrow and a braid and pin and everything :) I adore that Clockwork necklace <3 Lovely post!!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

  10. This is so great! I haven't done anything for Halloween in years but when I eventually decide to go out and associate with others for Halloween again, I'm definitely pulling this up ;) Love how last minute they can be while still looking well put together. The Tris idea is absolutely genius, I totally should have done that. I even had the tattoos because they came with my copy of Allegiant, gah! "Then carry a can of Diet Coke or a Starbucks cup around" DYING. Oh my gosh, that's gold.

  11. Such a fun post. Halloween kind of sucked for me this year. My two daughters got sick. In fact the little one is still sick. I was so looking forward to reading some spooky reads on Halloween but I had to go to the hospital with the little one instead.

    Well, at least I finally managed to overcome my reading slump last week.


    Awesome giveaway, Jen!



  12. I would love to one year go all out on a character!


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