Extra! Extra! Great YA Giveaways :)

Extra! Extra!

Extra! Extra! is my weekend post featuring brand new additions to my TBR pile as well as a summary of what's new on the blog.

This weekend I'm linking to Stacking the Shelves @ Tynga's Reviews and/or to Sunday Post hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. 


You can check out the week's new YA releases and enter Hot Off the Presses by linking up your reviews of December YA books or commenting on linked reviews. Open internationally!

You can enter to win one of my Favorite Books of 2014! Also open internationally!

And you can find out what Lauren of Love is Not a Triangle and I thought of The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon. If you haven't started this series, you can enter to win a copy of The Bone Season and get started reading. US only.


These either came in the mail or from a friend who attended a book event. Thanks, Sabrina and thanks, Penguin :)

What are you up to this holiday season? Shopping, traveling, reading? I'm trying to do all of it!


  1. Whelp. I Was Here. Gimme! :) I hope you'll enjoy your books!

  2. Ooooh, The Sin Eater's Daughter and The Conspiracy of Us!!! I'm so excited for those books!!

  3. So excited for I Was Here! It's Gayle Forman so I'm sure it'll be amazing :)

  4. I am extremely excited for I Was Here, she's such an amazing author! <3

  5. Sin Eater's Daughter, I desperately want one!

    I told myself that I was going to make a desert every weekend in December but I still haven't done it! Haha.

    Have a good week Jen!

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

  6. Awesome haul of books this week. You got a lot of books this week. They look awesome. Looking forward to the Gayle Forman book this week.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  7. Tragic Age seems interesting-- hope that you end up loving it. Have a great Sunday and upcoming week.

  8. Thanks for the giveaway links Jen! And I am not at all jealous about your haul! NOPE!

  9. Definitely need to read I WAS HERE. I also want to catch up on the Morgan Rhodes series and read the 2nd book and The Gathering Darkness. I'll have a little binge read soon. Although I kind of forgot what happened in the first one.

  10. Ooooh, I am soo pumped for The Conspiracy of Us. I love books that deals with puzzles and sleuthing. Plus, secret society??? It has my name written all over it. ;)

    For the holiday season, I'm just gonna relax with family. Hopefully, I can see some friends. :)

  11. Always great when you have bookish friends who will pick things up for you! :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  12. Aww this is such a great pile! Congrats and I love sharing swapping with booky pals :)

  13. I Was Here!! I want to read that one so much! I really hope you'll get to read it soon. Great haul, Jen :)

  14. I was Here - so jealous that you got it. I hope it's good. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!

    Regarding Christmas - I haven't even bought presents. I really need to do so this week. I keep buying books as a present to myself though :)



  15. So I know this isn't in honor of my birthday but I'm totally going to pretend that it is :) The Conspiracy of Us has a super interesting title-I hope that the contents live up to it!

  16. I have to look a couple of these up because they are new to me. I loved Falling Kingdom but haven't had the chance to pickup my copy of the sequel and here we are with book 3 out already. I better catch up! I hope you enjoy these! I'll need to watch for your review on I Was Here. :)

  17. JEN JEN JEN JEN JEN! You have the SIN EATER'S DAUGHTER! Please read it for me and fawn over it and love it for me. Thank you <3


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