Ten Random Facts About Me

Eileen at BookCatPin tagged me in a "Getting To Know You" post and I thought, hey why not?

1. I love Eileen's blog, but I am violently allergic to cats. I can walk in a person's house and know in about ten seconds if they have a cat -- my throat starts to close up and my eyes water. I had a course of allergy shots that was supposed to help, and they did ... a little.

2. Cats love me. I try to keep my distance (because of the throat-closing thing) but that makes cats want me more. They're so sweet -- I can't help but pet them, and then I start wheezing.

3. I am extremely afraid of heights. I was watching a TV show where two people went up in a hot air balloon, and I had to change the channel. Why would someone want to do that?

4. I have an aversion to the smell of garlic that started when I was pregnant and never went away. I can eat garlic; I just don't want to smell it cooking.

5. A lot of people tell me I should be a professional organizer. I have all the books in my house organized by topic -- travel, cookbooks, fiction, history. I alphabetize all my spices. When I'm shopping in a store, I'm tidying things up.

6. I can read upside down. Not as fast as I can read right side up, but pretty fast.

7. I can also write upside down. Even in bubble letters. (Useful, I know!)

8. I love tacos. I could eat them every day.

9. I have a terrible sense of direction. I get lost quite frequently.

10. My great regret in life is not learning to play a musical instrument. But hey, it's not too late!

I know not everyone wants to be tagged so tell me a quirky fact about you in comments!


  1. I too am deathly allergic to cats. Well... was allergic.

    The best thing I ever did for my allergies was get a cat. My girlfriend and I have had one for the last five months. The first few weeks were hell, but I built up an immunity.

    And now, I rarely have any symptoms!

    1. Ha -- you may have something there. I grew up with dogs and have a dog. When I went in for my allergy testing they told me I was allergic to both cats and dogs, but I never have any symptoms around dogs.

    2. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...

      Until it kills you.


  2. You forgot pretty and sweet ; )

    I worked PT at Gamestop just for the discount.

  3. These are fun! I used to play violin and stopped in middle school. I wish I could play it again.
    Thanks to the lego movie, my girls ask for tacos every tuesday.
    And I can get lost anywhere too. It doesn't help that the GPS on my phone decides to 'lose signal' when I need it the most.

  4. awww, the allergy to cats thing must suck :( I don't mind heights and actually want to go bungee jumping sometime in the near future. I also don't play an instrument and wish i did. tacos! YUM! I love anything salty

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  5. Awww thanks so much, you totally made my day!! So sad to hear you're allergic to cats :( I can tell you're am organized person by how neat and tidy your blog is! And heights are not my thing either. I can kind of stand it but my hands get sweaty lol.

  6. Oh wow, it must be horrible to allergic to cats and then see them flock around you! I am also someone who is petrified of heights as well, which you would never guess from the amount of times I have ben on the top of the London Eye... We're both organized people as well, yay! I have never eaten a taco in my whole life though...

    Check out my review: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2014/12/walled-blog-tour-giveaway.html

  7. I'm also allergic to cats, but not as badly as you... I can get asthma, but only if I play with a car or spend over an hour in a closed space with a kitty.

  8. I also have a horrible fear of heights. Just seeing someone on the edge of a tall building on TV can make my legs feel like jelly. Ha

  9. Umm quirky fact... DANG IT. This is hard. Okay. I played the tuba for a year. There.

    I also have a fear of heights but not nearly as bad as your fear. For me, it's always lurking and I have a hard time but I can still push myself forward to do things because I like the view from the top. I have a really hard time climbing ladders though *shudders*

    *high fives* I am no where near as organized as you are but your level of organization is the dream for me. :')

    Also, I totally want to learn how to play an instrument. I've never really played one for a long stretch of time (unless a recorder counts) so I never really count the ones I've played for a short stretch of time since I don't remember how to. BUT I really want to learn how to play the violin.

    I am not sure if the last bit made sense but whatever :P

    Thanks for sharing, Jen!! :)

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

  10. So sorry to hear about your allergy-I love snuggling up with my cat but I know quite a few people who can't do that :(

    As for this "When I'm shopping in a store, I'm tidying things up," I was literally doing that at Target today. I had a few extra minutes to kill so I started straightening up their scrapbook section because it was a mess!

    Quirky fact: I'm an incredibly picky eater though I'm proud to say that I've gotten better in the past few years as I've really pushed myself to go outside my comfort zone; I'm still one of the pickiest eaters I know though.

  11. I love these sort of posts. I didn't know any of those things about you jen! That would suck being allergic to cats. Cats are my thing. I only have one, but love them so much I would have more if I lived in a bigger place and etc. Lol. And learning an instrument is really fun! I don't play anything anymore, but played clarinet, piano, guitar (horribly) and violin (but only for a year). Even if u just learn one song on like, guitar or piano whenever u see one u can play it and impress yourself! Haha

  12. I was allergic to cats but it didn't stop me. I've had 3 at a time my whole life and I sleep with them on my face and eventually my allergies went away. I had shots when I was a kid too but I really don't think they helped that much. I would love to go up in a hot air balloon! I went sky diving when I graduated high school and really want to go again. I love tacos too. We had them for Thanksgiving actually. I'm not good with directions either. Was so happy when I finally got an iphone and had GPS. I took violin lessons in 4th grade and it was hard and I missed a lot of school getting sick with asthma so I didn't last long. Reading music is also very hard! I always wanted to take piano lessons although my dad was forced to take 7 years of lessons and he can barely play one song.

  13. Oh no, I love garlic, haha. I probably shouldn't tell you that I went bungee jumping this year, haha.
    But I do love tacos too (and taco salads!). I have a super terrible sense of direction too! Just can't figure it out.

  14. I am the exact same way with cats! Though a friend of mine has 3 and it can take an hour or so for the symptoms to kick in. My MIL's house though? It's instant. After an hour or two I need to leave b/c it gets so bad. They are cute, but I have to love them from afar. Your need to change the channel when something with heights comes on reminds me of my fear of water. I get seriously nervous and usually have to look away if anyone is swimming in a lake or ocean or anything on tv. I get anxiety about it. But then I like to watch shark week. I don't even know. lol


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