Hot Off the Presses: New YA Releasing June 30-July 6

Hot Off the Presses -- brand new YA releases!

Welcome to Hot Off the Presses!  

Tuesday is book release day, so every Tuesday I tell you about all the great new YA books you can buy in the week to come. If you're a reviewer, you can also link your blog or Goodreads reviews of any YA book publishing in the current month so we can all check them out!

Enter the NEW July giveaway! This month's winner can pick any book up to $15 on either Amazon (for US winner) or The Book Depository (for international winner.)

Enter by linking reviews of YA books that release in June or by commenting on other people's linked reviews.

Hot Off the Presses aims to include every traditionally published YA book. Please let me know about books that came out this week that I might have missed! Some titles may have different release dates outside the US.

Click on the photos to get to each book's Goodreads page!

Between Us and the Moon Shadowshaper Faking Perfect Three More Words
Between Us and the Moon by Rebecca Maizel (Harper)
Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older (Arthur Levine)
Faking Perfect by Rebecca Phillips (Kensington
Three More Words by Ashley Rhodes-Carter (Atheneum)

Under the Lights Storm So I Shall Reap
Under the Lights by Dahlia Adler (Spencer Hill)
Storm (Paper Gods #3) by Amanda Sun (Harlequin)
So Shall Reap by Kathy-Lynn Cross (Clean Teen)

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  1. I'm curious about Shadowshaper. It has such a lovely cover. I've heard fantastic things about Under the Lights too!

    1. The Shadowshaper cover is gorgeous, I agree! If you read it let me know :)

  2. Ah, I'm so excited for Under the Lights! My co-blogger Faye loved it, so I have a feeling I'll enjoy it too. :) I love the typography on Between Us and the Moon! ^_^

  3. I really enjoyed between Us and The Moon - and I wasn't expecting to, given the blurb.

    Looking forward to Under the Lights and Shawdowshaper!

  4. Shadowshaper - oh, how I'm dying to read that! Such a great collection! *rubs hands gleefully*

  5. I almost picked up Under the Lights today. I'm interested because it's f/f and there's already so much m/m. Have you read the first one?

  6. I can't wait to start the Daylight Falls series! I read Dahlia Adler's Last Will and Testament and really liked it. I also heard good things about Between Us and the Moon.

    Haraiah @ Random Things In Action

  7. Wow there is'nt that much out this week! Gonna pass on what is out...I'm too busy with other releases! lol

  8. So many great looking releases! ahh! so many books but so little time ugh! anyways! "Between Us and the Moon" and "So Shall Reap" looks great! Can't wait to start these soon!

  9. So i shall reap sound really tempting! and i do like teh cover ( but i nearly never get a book when it's just released so i've learned to be patient^^)

  10. SO MUCH GREAT BOOKS! Under The Lights looks so good, adding it to my TBR pile!

    Happy Reading
    Patrick @ The Bookshelves

  11. I'll actually be starting the Paper Gods series soon! I read the prequel, Shadow, and it was okay... I hope the actual books are better because this series is very intriguing! I mean, it apparently has mythology, which I LOVE, and it is set in Japan! Recently I've been really into reading books with a setting different from the US.


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