Trending Thursday: Are These Trends Still Hot, or Not?

Here on Trending Thursday, we've looked at a lot of YA trends. This week I'm offering an update on some past trends. Are they still going strong?

Trend One: Exploding Flowers. 
You can see my original post on Exploding Flower Covers here. This would seem like a very particular type of cover, but ... what do you know? Two more exploding flower covers this season. This trend is still a bit of a niche, but it's hanging on under the radar...

Trend Two: Silhouettes
You can read my original post on silhouette covers here. This trend is still going like gangbusters. Here are two lookalikes:

Trend Three: White Handwritten Font
This is another cover trend that is EVERYWHERE. For a while now I've had a Pinterest Board called Help I'm Trapped Under This (Usually) White Text. This one also seems to be going strong...


  1. I am a fan of the exploding flowers so I am ok with that trend sticking around. The Silhouettes and White Handwritten Font seem to be going strong!

  2. I really like the exploding flower. I don't think I'll ever get sick of it. The silhouette covers are getting a little old, but at least they're better than actual people on the cover :P. I really like the white font, too! It stands out really nicely.

    Sarah | Kerosene Lit

  3. I looove the typography. I will be monstrously happy if that stays strong. XD

  4. I have noticed these trends as well! I don't quite understand it. Sometimes the reason I pick a book is because of its cover, but if it looks like 10 different books I will pass them over.

  5. It's so cool how you notice these kinds of trends! I personally like And I Darken's cover, and the handwritten fonts- as long as the font looks good ;)

  6. The exploding flowers is a queer one, isn't it? :D The silhouettes are better than someone's face, but still weak, imaginative-wise, methinks... As always, great eye, Jen.

  7. I love how you keep finding cover themes all over. Gives me a chance to actually realize that, that you've mentioned it these covers do look sort of similar.

  8. The handwritten font one is starting to annoy me. It's so big and messy that it obliterates the picture.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  9. Wow, the Silhouette trend is definitely going strong. I don't really see it going anywhere because I feel like it's an easy way to make a character cover without actually showing/picking an exact model for the character, if that makes sense. It's interesting to see these trends!

  10. Baha, I love the name of your pinterest board! I'm quite over the silhouette trend though, tbh.

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    1. Love these posts Jen, it definitely makes you realise the trends that are happening around covers! Definitely the silhouettes seems to be a thing and the handwritten font in general!


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