The Thanks U Give: Why I'm Thankful for the Book Community

I'm so grateful to be a part of the book blogging community, so first, thanks to Mishma at Chasing Faerytales and Hazel at Stay Bookish for hosting this Thanksgiving celebration.

I'm so thankful for all my blog readers and book friends. Every time I go to read or respond or return respond my blog comments, I'm reminded of the wonderful, funny, insightful book people that I am able to call my friends and peers. I love all you guys!

I've met so many amazing people through book blogging that I don't want to even try to recognize them all (I'd forget someone important.) Through the 5+ years I've been blogging, I've learned that relationships made online can be real and important and lasting --  every time I've met a "virtual" book friend in real life, it's been a wonderful experience. 

If you celebrate American Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful day today with family and friends. I'm cooking today, so I will be back soon with more reviews, giveaways and book talk. 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I am #thankful today for readers and amazing book blogging friends.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Jen!

    I adore reading your reviews.

  3. Totally agree! It always surprises me how many good friends I've made through this little hobby. You guys *get me* in a way that most non-bookish friends and relatives don't.

    And I'm very thankful for you Jen!

    Karen @For What It's Worth


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