Hot Off the Presses: New YA Releasing December 6-12

Welcome to Hot Off the Presses!  

Tuesday is book release day, so every Tuesday I tell you about all the great new YA books you can buy in the week to come.

Hot Off the Presses aims to include every traditionally published YA book. Please let me know about books that came out this week that I might have missed! Some titles may have different release dates outside the US.

Click on the photos to get to each book's Goodreads page!

Black Moon (Zodiac #3) by Romina Russell (Razorbill)
Mind Games (Lock & Mori #2) by Heather Petty (Simon & Schuster)
Spindle by E. K. Johnston (Disney-Hyperion)
Did I Mention I Miss You by Estelle Maskame (Sourcebooks)
Split the Sun (Inherit the Stars #2) by Tessa Elwood (Running Press)
True Power by Gary Meehan (Jo Fletcher)


  1. Crystal Storm! I need more Magnus and Cleo!

  2. Alterations by Stephanie Scott comes out today! I just saw it on other blogs and thought that the cover was kind of cute.

  3. I'm very excited for Lock and Mori: Mind Games!

  4. I haven't read any, and there isn't any thing releasing this week that I am especially excited about. However, the cover for Spindle is intriguing to me!

  5. I am really excited for lock and mori mind games

  6. Mary DeBorde
    I haven't read any of these yet, but am super excited to read Spindle!!

  7. True Power seems like a great read! I would love to get a copy of that.

  8. I'm looking forward to Splindle, I haven't heard of any reviews about it but the concept sounds so good. Thanks for sharing Jen!


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