Review of One Girl in All the World by Kendare Blake


One Girl in All the World by Kendare Blake

Published on January 31, 2023 by Disney-Hyperion Books

Thanks to Disney-Hyperion for the Advance Reader Copy!

Plot Summary for One Girl in All the World

Frankie Rosenberg is coming to terms with the fact that she’s the newest slayer, but that doesn’t mean she has it all figured out just yet. 

She and her friends are still reeling from the deadly attack on the annual slayer retreat—and the new revelation that some slayers may still be alive. 

She’s got her own Scooby Gang, but sometimes feels more on the outside than ever. She throws herself into training with her mom, the great witch Willow, and her new Watcher, Spike, but they’ve got demons of their own to contend with (both of the real and metaphorical variety). Buffy made it look easy, but being a slayer is hard—and lonely. 

But Frankie doesn’t have time to wander through Sunnydale Cemetery singing about her new responsibilities. With news of Buffy’s possible demise, Demons are making their way back to Sunnydale in droves, called by a Hellmouth that is starting to reawaken. And then an oracle brings news of a new Evil brewing…something called The Darkness. 

Could this be what attacked the slayers? And is it coming for Frankie?

Review of One Girl in All the World

Me, reading a book and NOT REALIZING THAT IT IS A SEQUEL....whoops.

I'm a big Kendare Blake fan back to Anna Dressed in Blood so jumped at the chance to read One Girl in All The World, which is part of the Buffyverse.

However, I must have missed the first book completely. (I checked and it was called In Every Generation)

As I was reading, I kept wondering if some of the unfamiliar (to me) character were canon or imagined. And wondered who some of these characters that kept being mentioned. Vi? 

All in all, I really enjoyed this one. I also do love the idea of books about new generations of Slayers. And the fact that Frankie was Willow's daughter made me almost tear up a little. 

Oz is also a (minor) character. Xander is mentioned but not really a major presence.

Also, #TeamSpike forever. He's the new Sunnydale High librarian? I did miss Giles, but I was really happy that Spike was such a presence in this book, even if he has (perhaps) mellowed a bit too much with age?

If you love Buffy and are interested in this series, I would definitely recommend reading the first book, because I do felt like I missed out. 

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